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About Me

Clay has been my primary medium of expression for over twenty five years, although my work is greatly informed by my past artistic lives as a drawer, painter, photographer and sculptor. Occasionally, those other lives are more forcefully revealed in my work, as in a body of mixed media work from a few years ago, incorporating clay, photography, and found object collages. To this day, I make compositional decisions with my Bonsai inspired vases from a viewpoint which is an odd mixture of photographer, potter and sculptor.

I have also retired from teaching, having taught Art for over 35 years: primarily Ceramics (obviously), Photography, Art History and Drawing. I have exhibited my work for most of that time. The job of sharing and nurturing the creative process in others has allowed my own work to remain fresh, experimental and continually evolving. I embrace the overlap between my roles as Art maker and Art instructor, and I believe that this dynamic is perhaps the greatest gift I have to share.

I am happiest - and I believe my work is at its best - when the barriers between approaches, processes, materials and even function, become a bit blurred.

I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and have done extensive course work at other institutions, including Tyler School of Art, University of the Arts, Art New England, and Moravian College. I live in a relatively quiet spot in Southeastern Pennsylvania with my wife of 31 years. We have two children, both having a BFA in Photography. 

Please Contact me with any questions about my work. Enjoy!

Tom Laudenslager

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